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Exhibition installation | Museum de Noord, Amsterdam | 40 m2 | nov. 2010 - feb. 2011

Client: Museum de Noord

Team: G. Koskamp, J. Rooijackers, S. de Valk, M. Voorsluijs

Job tile: Architect

As the central piece for the exhibition ‘Mijn Buurt Mijn Leven’ we designed a house. Because the exhibition was about the stories of different generations living in the Amsterdam area called Vogelbuurt-IJplein, the house for us was the best way to symbolise the connection of the people with the place.

The shape was designed by folding the map of the area, it’s outline then created a house like look which was then abstracted to make that clearer. Only when the map was folded along specific lines would we get the desired shape. This limited the possible plan configurations.

In vectorworks I set up a parametric polygon that maintained the fold locations while allowing for exploration of different plan shapes. After choosing the plan shape I drew the unfolded drawings for production.


left & right | option with 4 constrained lengths and 1 right angle

part of the production drawing

left | photo during vernissage | right | house about the neighbourhood-in-the neighbourhood house

model photo