Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam

Design for a ‘raststätte’ in the German Ruhr area | Tank & Rast | 1.750 m2 + landscape | may 2005

Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Tutor: René Bouman (mohn+bouman)

In most cases a Raststätte is but an appendix of the Autobahn. A kind of 'non-place' where fast food is served to fast travellers on instinctive breaks.

These types have two areas one for Tanken and one for Rasten. The logistics dictates the use of these areas and shifts drivers into people who tank and people who rest. This conditioning happens in an area seldom with an experience of the surrounding landscape in which one has arrived.

This denial of the landscape is contrary to the intentions of the Autobahn that conceived in experiencing the vast beautiful German Landscape. My design tries to reinstate these values and create the possibility to stay for very short or longer periods. And using the logistics to separate but to experience.

restaurant-loop connecting to mining dump

gateway to the restaurant park

entrance to the restaurant looking back through the gateway

duration based sequential flow of site users

site plan, nested loops in the artificial mining landscape

plan of the restaurant program nested into the bridge mega structure