Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam

Design for a large scale multi-layered event space and food market | Polderhills | 56 ha | dec. 2006

Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Tutor: Giani Cito (DOK), Marieke Timmermans (LA4sale)

The municipal plans of moving the food trade markets outside the city centre, frees an area without precedent in scale. We could project here designs of human grandure, like the Worlds largest domed stadium or the bird of the Nasca plains.

Instead of clearing I adopted the strategy of covering which is possible because this area is lower than is surroundings owing to the former polder landscape. Herby creating a place of contrast, large space as a homage to the polder and intense activity as homage to the city.

An undulating surface blankets the industry and event space below and connects dwelling neighbourhoods above. The dampening and sheltering effects gives space to activities which normally cannot be in these areas, but are an integral part in the life of the city dweller.

Above, the lows in the park area frame the views away from the city giving a sense of landscape and vast space. Also does the surface open up in other parts to accommodate interchange between the two sides. So that or certain occasions dampened activities can be freed as cultural events.

birds eye impression of the park landscape

left | stripes | mid | façades | right | program

interior view of the market and event space

left | slope inclination | mid | vegitation and pavement | right | routings

left | main structureing | mid | truss beam | right | T-ribbed flooring

fragment of transverse section with indoor skiing and event hall

fragment of longitudinal section with event hall and meat packing factory

model photo