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Generative design tool | Amsterdam, Copenhagen | ongoing research

Advice: Anne Bagger

Collaboration: Anne Romme, N55

Translation of the design principles for plate shells by Anne Bagger in her paper on plate shells in glass see here. That in return is based on the theory and teaching of the Danish engineer Ture Wester †.

A slightly larger shape β=1.015, than the required dome size in height to span, is cut by normal planes. The location is generated by projecting a point pattern onto the initial dome surface. One by one the normal planes cut off a piece of the larger shape until a dome with only planar tiles is left. Unlike the GH component for facet domes this tool works on any convex surface.

In a collaboration with Anne Romme and N55 this tool is tested and extended for the design and production of coming projects in Bristol and Copenhagen.

square grid central projection | SQC


square grid parametric projection | SQP

dome SQC | plan and isometric

dome double SQC | plan and isometric

grasshopper definition for double SQP

dome TRC (triangular grid) | plan and isometric

dome double TRC | plan and isometric

dome SQP | plan and isometric

dome double SQP | plan and isometric