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Indoor playing facility for children | Plaswijckpark, Rotterdam | 2.200 m2 | apr. 2010 - nov. 2011

Client: Stichting Plaswijckpark

Team: G. Koskamp, P. Jennen, J. Rooijackers, M. Atman, ML. Mejlholm and P. Bedarf

Job tile: Architect

April 2010 I was hired for the Preliminary Design and I stayed until October 2011 after setting up the Technical Documentation.

The building was conceived to prolong the park’s open period throughout the autumn and winter season. The design is composed of a green hill for playing and a glass roof covered square with restaurant and other facilities. The square is the central place connecting the building to the rest of the park and distributes visitors to the entrance and facilities.

The project is now in it’s technical and planning permission phase, after having settled the structural and material principles with the client and the engineer. My responsibility has been to design and integrate these facets into a coherent whole.

This consisted amongst other aspects off the determination of the overall 3D form, material expression of the hybrid steel and wood roof construction as well as the plan layout of functional facilities.

main playing area under the folded roof structure

folded roof structure being a green hill, integrating the building into the park landscape

roof plan with green roof and glass roof division

transverse section looking into towards the raised floor slab

west façade with guarded climbing access for the children

detail drawing showing the main structure, greening types and guarding of the playing area

bottom | surface spans and slope angle analysis | top | rib span analysis (green=min | red=max)

study model 1:20 of support structure

study of reduced support system