Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam

Design for a policlinic which is integrated in a local neighbourhood | OWGpoli | 14.000m2 | jun. 2007

Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Tutor: Chris Scheen, Stefan Greven (engineering)

Assignment: STAGG, BNA (Dutch Architects Association)

Waiting.... it seems to be synonymous with healthcare. If one visits a general practitioner, dentist or specialist, everywhere one has to wait. One of the trends is reconnecting healthcare and us patients. By integrating a 'poli'-clinic in the neighbourhood a local clinic is created.

I position this clinic (OWGpoli) in a park in the neighbourhood, there where elderly and families with children concentrate. By slowing down the patient through an elongated route, the waiting can be transformed into strolling, meditating, people watching.

The building is layed-out as series of pavilions flanked by two arched walkways, herby forming a ribbon of patio's opening towards the park. The pavilions house the clicic in the top floors and neighbourhood related functions in the bottom (sports hall, day care centre and a pool).

With this clear shape and open structure the relation between city and clinic, public-, collective-, an d specialist space is structured. And spatially forming the programmatic sequence associated with waiting and treatment.

view of side entrance to the park

view of the curved window overlooking the park as one visits the clinic

plan at park level with neighbourhood accommodations

longitudinal section through the patios and pavilions

ramp towards reception area

ramp towards treatment area

transverse sections of the pavilions

plan at raised level with four policlinic departments

fragment of the curved entrance ramp with window to the park

picture of the structural model