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Competition design for Care centre for the elderly | Schwyz CH | 13.500 m2 | dec. 2010

Client: Gemeinde Schwyz, CH

Team: G. Koskamp, P. Jennen and J. Rooijackers

Job tile: Architect

As one of the designers I was responsible for the overall form, dwelling floor plans and visualisation for the competition entry.

To overcome the often hospital character of senior dwellings we proposed to keep a low building profile, so that the inhabitants are in good contact with life outside. Movement through all levels is stimulated by voids and generous  stairs, helping with social bonding and prolonged mobility of the inhabitants.

Making use of the topography collective spaces are level with the outside and service spaces half dug-in. Maintaining optimal accessibility and granting sufficient daylight.

garden in front of restaurant leading up to the main entrance

site plan of building masses in the south-west sloping mountain valley

flow lines as generator for the building shape

morphology as generator for the massing

first ground floor with main facilities for the elderly

second ground floor with two dwelling departs per building per floor | dwellings from 25-40 m2