Architectuurstudio HH (Herman Hertzberger) ©

Three Laboratory and Education building | FNWI Science Faculty, Amsterdam |  15.000 m2 | jun. 2006 - aug. 2009

Client: University of Amsterdam

Team: LJ Ten Kate, H. de Weijer, J. Rooijackers, F. van Loon, O. Backus, a.o.

Job tile: Project Leader and Assistant Designer

After the new buildings were handed over to the client, construction work started for the renovation. However many of the knowledge gathered with completing the new building, new challenges were to be met dealing with the old laboratory buildings from the early 1960’s.

Due to budgetary shifts the team set out to review all the finishing, material principles, measurements and details. Exemplary for this process was  my redesigning the main staircase, reducing 15% of steel weight while enhancing the architects wish for  maximal spatial contact in and around the void. Perforating the elevator shaft created lines of sight and snap-shots, revealing a  hint of the movement of people around the voids.

waterfall of stairs in renovation

® Jeroen Musch

® Jeroen Musch

remains of the pre refurb era, glass art to crown the stair void

informal study areas

fold-out of the outer stair beam

detail of the stair landing and start

detail of the stair hanging support

detail of the steel balustrade at void edge

® Jeroen Musch

detail of the glass an d steel balustrade at void edge