John Lonsdale Architect ©

Geese observation and education shelter | Bird Hide, Bantpolder |  85 m2 | jun. 2004 - oct. 2005

Client: Natuurmonumenten Nederland and Dongeradeel Municipality

Team: J. Lonsdale, J. Rooijackers, T. Spruijt, S. Vermeulen, D. Willems and L. Willems

Job tile: Architectural Designer

As Designer I have worked, in collaboration with a few advisors, at the Definitive Design proposal for the Bird Hide. My tasks were the production of the drawings, visualisations and clay, wax and wooden models and designing of the structural principle.

At the Bantpolder site the historic battle of Holland against the see is still present in the landscape. The consecutive see defences and layered sediments, can be peeled away making this struggle visible for us. Because off the ‘wadden zee’ across the dikes and limited amount of farm animals, this location is attracting a lot off geese.

The Bird Hide embeds the visitor in the landscape, making them part of those historic sediments and layers. They melt with the dike enhancing the experience of and respect for this place.

sketch render of embedded design

plan with observation room, restroom and education room

bottom | section through entrance ditch | top | section through main rooms

beach plywood and canvas cloth model showing the main education and observation room

drawing of the principle transverse rib steel structure

bottom | isometric of the transverse structural ribs | top | isometric of the planar cladding panels